ALNA provides practical, industry-focused learning programs that are developed to fit in with your business demands. These interactive modules have been designed to improve the customer experience in your store through blended learning techniques such as webinars and face-to-face sessions.

Accredited and Non-accredited Learning

Delivering accredited & non-accredited training in Business, Leadership, & Customised industry specific training. Offer flexible, industry relevant training options to help you achieve your individual and businesses goals. We work with industry to make sure you learn current industry skills. We have trainers who teach from industry experience – learn from the best and we offer a flexible and supportive adult learning environment.

Mental Health

ALNA have partnered with Heads Up to ensure your mental wellbeing. It is essential that you look after yourself. Just like on a plane where you fit your oxygen first, you must look after you before you can look after your employees and your family.


ALNA have someone available to assist every weekday of the year, except public holidays.

Work Health and Safety

ALNA’s SmartWHS is an online Workplace Health & Safety management system designed specifically for newsagents. SmartWHS is the easiest way to keep your workplace safe and ensure that your business is compliant with WHS laws.