ALNA is one of the largest independent Western Union Networks in Australia with over 15 years’ experience.

ALNA network has helped people transfer over $200 million every year. We have a diverse range of sub-agents: convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and, of course, newsagents.

Customer Research Tells Us:
1. 83% of Western Union customers shop more frequently knowing that the service is available.
2. 81% of customers make additional store purchases at least half of the time when they use Western Union.
3. 33% of customers went to use Western Union only and then decided to shop.

The benefits of becoming a Western Union Agent

New Revenue Streams
Western Union Agents receive a commission on the transaction fee and foreign exchange earnings.

No Retail Space, No Inventory
Western Union money transfer is a high margin product, providing additional income without sacrificing retail space, with no inventory cost and utilising existing staff.

Value Add to Your Customers
Over 6 million of Australia’s population are migrants and over 9 million people have at least 1 parent born overseas. Many of these people send money back to their family and friends in their country of birth. Everyone who does this is a potential Western Union customer.

Many of your customers may already send money overseas through Western Union or by other means. Your customers will enjoy enhanced convenience as they reliably send or receive money globally within two minutes.

Western Union  – Recognised and Trusted Brand
Western Union has a large base of customers familiar with the products and brand. Many Western Union customers send money overseas regularly, with a number sending on a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis as a trusted service. By getting a solid Western Union customer base, you are able to keep attracting these customers back to your store, build relationships and potential to cross-sell other products to them.


What is needed to become a Western Union Agent?
Your business needs to meet a few simple criteria to become a Western Union Agent:

  • Businesses must offer the services through a retail outlet.
  • Complete a National Police check and relevant paperwork and adopt the Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing program which training is provided and very simple.
  • A PC or laptop with internet connection and a printer is required in order to undertake the Western Union money transfer service.
  • No other competitor money transfer service can be provided.

Become your community’s money transfer destination today!

If you are interested in becoming a sub-agent or would like more information, please contact ALNA head office on (02) 9978 3400 or click to email



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